This isolated church is found just outside the town of Llandrindod. When it was built the church formed part of a medieval town, and it is the only remaining building following the decline of the town in the 19th century.

Close by on the hill known as Castle Rock are the remains of what is known as Cefnllys Castle. Almost encircling the hill, church and remains of the town is the River Ithon which continues to Llandrindod a little over a mile away.

Parts of the church are believed to date back as far as the 13th century, and the 15th century screen remains in excellent condition. It is thought that fairly extensive restoration and building work was done at the end of the 19th century.

In 1893, the rector of Llandrindod is reputed to have had the roof removed from the church to persuade the parishioners to attend the new church in the town. This mae not be true, and in any case,  the church was restored in 1895. 

A service is now held once each month in the summer months

You need to park at Shakey Bridge, then cross the footbridge over the river and ascend the hill to Saint Michael's.