Sunday 24th
       Crib Service: 4.00 pm, S Llyr, Llanyre
First Mass of Christmas: 8.00 pm, Llanfihangel Helygen
Midnight Mass: 11.00 pm: Holy Trinity & S David, Howey
                                  Monday 25th
                          Mass of the Dawn:
                       8.00 am, Holy Trinity
                           Mass of the Day:
9.30 am: S Llyr, Llanyre, S David, Howey & Old Parish Church
                      10.45 am Holy Trinity
                             Tuesday 26th
     Saint Stephen:  9.30 am, Holy Trinity
                            Wednesday 27th
       Saint John:  6.30 pm, Holy Trinity
                            Thursday 28th
   Holy Innocents:  10.00 am S Llyr, Llanyre
                      11.00 am, Holy Trinity
                         Saturday 6th January
  The Epiphany of the Lord:  9.30 am, S David, Howey